24 August 2014

McClain State Park

After fourteen hours on the road we've finally made camp at McClain State Park, near Calumet, MI. It was cloudy much of the way, including a spectacular low fog bank as we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge into St. Ignace, so the drive was rather nice. We picked up three participants along the way, who were already "up north" ahead of the group, so we are now at full strength, with 30 people, five minivans, and a cargo van. 

We stopped in Houghton at the Ambassador restaurant for dinner, which was probably our longest stop of the day. We didn't end up with enough time to spare for any outcrops, however, we scouted a number of locations we will head back to later this week.  

Fortunately we did budget our time well and arrived at the campground just ahead of the rain. Most people were able to get set up and out if it before it got too hard. I was not one of them, as I struggled with a brand new tent (note to self: always set up a new tent once before arriving somewhere in the dark...in the rain...) 

Now it has let up, and is just drizzling on and off. Hopefully lulling people to sleep after a long day, and getting them ready for an early start!

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