03 September 2014

Photos from the Trip

I have posted some of my better photos from the trip: U-M 2014 UP Field Trip. I had to reduce things for display on the web, so if you want an original copy of an image, just let me know.  In particular the panoramas, such as those from Miners Beach, are significantly reduced from the original resolution in order to fit within Picasaweb's limitations.

02 September 2014

Thank You!

Kacey, Adam, and I would like to thank all the students who participated in this year's field trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Hopefully you all enjoyed this learning experience as much as we enjoyed providing it!  Perhaps we will see you again on a future departmental field trip... Chile in 2015?

We especially want to thank Forrest's parents, Terry and Diane, for hosting us during our stay in Marquette, and providing excellent accommodations and a wonderful dinner, a refreshing break from State Park camping.  I would also like to thank Helene Avocat (LSAIT GIS Consultant) for her help assembling and georeferencing many of the geology maps used in our field trip guide GIS.

This group photo is from our visit to the Douglass Houghton memorial and monument near Eagle River, MI. Stay tuned for a round up of pictures from the trip...

29 August 2014

Safe and Sound

We're back!

Last Day

Today is our last day on the trip. We broke camp a little earlier than planned  in order to get packed up before the rain arrived; we beat it with only a minute or two to spare. So we had to head down the road a bit before we found an open breakfast joint, the Jolly Inn in Germfask, MI. 

28 August 2014

Miners Beach

Discussion of beach process and cross-stratification. Note how coarse the actual beach sand is here as well.

Miners Castle

After a short overview of Pictured Rocks National Laleshore's regional geology and stratigraphy, we took in the view of Miner'sCastle.


Some wonderful stramatolites exposed just north of the Harvey Quarry in the Kona Dolomite.